The #1 Auto-sort System for 15 years


Pro-Sort is designed from the ground up by a team of experienced designers and swine producers in close consultation with an animal scientist, built and owned by Colony Custom Metals of Gallatin Missouri, driven by Phason’s powerful auto-sort management software, and backed by a solid support team that takes your feedback seriously.


Today our technology leads the industry, but we aren’t stopping here. We are committed to innovation and cutting edge ag-tech. Our team is dedicated to removing the guesswork from preparing hogs. Through partnerships with smart people and companies we continue to improve our technology offerings.


The continuing evolution of Pro-Sort depends on what we hear from you, our customers. Swine producers have been involved in the design of Pro-Sort from the beginning, and swine producers are the ones putting Pro-Sort through its paces around the world. We consider you our most valuable partners in the development process.  we will respond to requests and feedback not with excuses but with an improved product.Join us in the creative process that has made us the industry standard, and find out what Pro-Sort can do for you.