The #1 Auto-sort System for 15 years

Phason Controller and Software

We have worked together with Phason to create a powerful system for controlling and managing your autosort barns. Paired with our intelligently designed scale and cage, this is hands down the best sorting system available.

Prosort Touch

The Pro-Sort Touch Scale Head is designed to reliably and automatically control the Pro-Sort animal sorter according to user-programmed settings. The Prosort Touch, along with a personal computer and SelectSort software make up the most advanced auto-sort and livestock management system available.


Powerful, user-friendly software gives you unprecedented access and control of your barns and animals.
Configure, monitor, and optimize your sorting system with Phason's SelectSort software

Color Detection

Detect and sort specially marked animals. Color Detector (CD-1) detects marked animals and sorts them according to user-defined settings. The advanced-technology sensor mounts in the sorter cage and connects quickly and easily to the auxiliary inputs on the Pro-Sort Scale Head.